Knitty Kitty creates alternative knitwear for anywhere! You make your own rules! Because this is alt-fashion knitwear you choose how to wear it -as underwear, loungewear, or outerwear. Wear it around the house, to the store, to festivals, and to parties. Most importantly, you do you and be your unique self. Knitty Kitty is different from mainstream knitwear because of its playful, fun, and sometimes edgy motifs and designs that help you express yourself. And when you wear something knit you just feel good. When you feel comfortable in your skin your true self shines. Express yourself in clothes that reflect your spirited personality. 

We celebrate the individual person. Being different IS beautiful. Be the best unapologetic version of yourself by not settling just to fit in. Dance to the beat of your own drum. You know your own determined mind. You are not invisible. We see your true beauty. We’ve got you covered -literally and figuratively.

Knitty Kitty started in 2011 when founder, Lisa Roberts, couldn’t find a bikini that fit her right so she knit one for herself. She loved how great the knit felt against her skin and made her feel sexy. She wore it to the river. She wore it around the house. She wore it to bed. Her husband loved it too. She felt smitten as a kitten and knew instantly that she made something that was not only versatile in how to wear this knit bottom but it was so comfortable, sexy, and something different. As someone who prides herself on thinking outside the box, this first design gave her more confidence and reflected her true personality -because of something she knit. She knew other people would want to feel this way too. And so, Knitty Kitty was born.

knitty kitty designer Lisa Roberts

It all started with $40 worth of yarn and knitting needles. Soon after, Knitty Kitty expanded by building a knitting factory in Bali, Indonesia where we work with a dedicated team of knitters and finishers. We use both manual and electronic knitting machines to produce our designs. The founder chooses to produce in Bali because of its famous craftsmanship. Being able to work in Bali reflects her lifestyle of running, surfing, living among a counterculture, and her love for the island and the people who live there. Knitty Kitty is based in Willow Creek, California, USA.

We love what we do and who we work with. We hope you will love Knitty Kitty too.

knitty kitty team